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Activate Shopify Analytics in Webflow

Shopify Analytics

Shopify Headless has a built-in analytics for “page-views” and “add-to-cart” events. Naturally be aware that making up analytics from a website nowadays is not reliable at all. Most browsers (Firefox by default, Chromium when set in “Do not track” mode) will block automatically all analytics scripts.

How to activate Shopify Analyticts into your Webflow project

To activate the Shopify page views and product add to cart analytics you just need to Copy and paste the following code into your Webflow project Settings > Custom Code > Head code section:

<script src="" type="fs-cc" fs-cc-categories="analytics"></script>

Shopify Panel

Note that you must have a previous analytics consent by your visitors before activate it on your website. For this reason you need to use it in combination with a cookie consent system. Our script is configured to work with Finsweet Cookie Consent. We recommend to setup up the cookie consent system correctly before adding this script to your project. We are not responsible of a not compliant analytics tracks on your website.