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Upsell products based on cart content

Cart Upsells

Cart Upsells

Cart upsells is a very handy features that is basically a reactive Product recommendation system that will recommend you products based on the latest product added to the cart. Like the other recommended products you can also choose manual recommendations using the app Search & Discovery

Getting Started

To start, copy the element below inside your Webflow project

Cart Upsells

Copy Webflow element

It includes all relevant sections that you need just to style for your project.

The Wrapper contains a smootify-product with a specific data-id attribute that you must not change


so you can add everything you can add any product element inside it.

The cart upsells can go in any part of your project, but is recommended to add them inside the mini cart or in the cart page


By default the add-on will show up a max of 3 products, you can change up this limit by adding the custom attribute


on the Smootify product Wrapper dom element

Conditional Visibility

You can show up elements based on if there are or not cart upsells, by just adding the following custom attribute